Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Junior Level Linux Professional - DONE

Yeah, i got now my first Linux Certification. I'm now official "Junior Level Linux Professional"
For those who don't know what i'm talking about, check out: www.lpi.org
LPI is a non-profit organization from Canada where you can proof your Linux skills. Since the 30 of april i've passed now the first level.
For the certificate you have to pass 2 tests. I didn't really learn anything for the tests. I just read a book about LPIC-1 (ISBN-10: 3937514813). This book showed me which topics will come. But since I'm a gentoo user there wasn't really new stuff for me. I just went to the tests and tried it. In both cases i could pass without any problems :) The most difficult topic where distribution specific question. The problem was, they just ask for Debian and SuSe specific programs. As a gentoo user i'm not familiar with their programs. Anyway, that was something which i've learned in about 2 hours. (well, ok, actually i've studied a bit ;) Usually you have 90 minutes for one test. I guess i needed in both cases just 30 minutes.
My next try will be Level 2. We'll see if i'll pass them too :)

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