Thursday, May 20, 2010

n900 blog entry

Well, thats my first blog-entry written on my Nokia n900. I finally found a software which supports blogspot. It's called MaStory.
It's really nice and i was really impressed how good it's support blogspot. Like on the PC, you have the basic functions like edit/create/remove posts. You can also upload pictures with your posts. But not only from your internal memory. It also supports flickr and picasa.
The editor is quite powerfull i would say. He support quite everything as on the PC, like code-tags or quotes.
Before you publish a post you also can look at the preview to see how it would look like (though not on a real browser). Futuremore it also supports tags for post.
Really nice blogging client and i guess especially in the future i'll need this software quite often. ;)

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