Friday, May 21, 2010

xorg-server 1.8 without hal

Last Weekend i finally updated on my main-pc xorg to the latest xorg-server 1.8. The update itself went very smoothly. I had no compile-errors or any package conflicts. After installing i instantly stopped the hal daemon and removed it from the default runlevel. Well, i had to change some things in the xorg.conf, but actually after a few minutes the new xorg-server worked perfectly well for me.

Well that's not the end of the story.

After a few hours, when i wanted to play some music, i encountered another problem. My soundcard was missing. But not really, because for example, smplayer still played video's but kmplayer don't.

Phonon, der KDE-multimedia framework actually didn't found the soundcard anymore. smplayer don't use phonon, it used the soundcard directly. My first though was i accidently changed some sound-settings. But after a hour looking for the problem, i finally found out the problem was with the hal daemon. Sadly, phonon still needs the hal daemon. Without it wouldn't find the soundcard. After starting the hal daemon again everything worked well again.

I hope the kde guys will change that soon, so that i can finally unmerge hal from my system.


  1. you can always install xorg-server with the "hal" USE flag disabled. that's how I do it :-)

  2. Thanks for the hint, but actually i already found that out too :)
    Hope phonon will be updated soon too, so that i can finally unmerge hal.