Wednesday, June 9, 2010

gentoo cube

Since composite becomes famous the desktop-cube was one of the top showcase-effects.

Right now they are a few popular composite-manager out there. One of them is kwin from the KDE desktop enviroment. kwin also supports the cube-effect alongside with alot of other effects.

Today i'll show you how to personalize this cube a bit, so that you have your own image at the top and botton of the cube. Usually there is a nice KDE-logo, but you'll see how it would look like with a gentoo-logo :) To make that possible on your system you first need the gentoo png image which you can get from here: image

Afterwards i suggest you to make a backup of the original KDE-image:

cp /usr/share/apps/kwin/cubecap.png /usr/share/apps/kwin/cubecap.png.bak

Then you can copy/move the new image into the above folder. Be sure that you change the filename to "cubecap.png".

cp ~/gentoo_logo.png /usr/share/apps/kwin/cubecap.png

After a restart of kwin the result would look like this:

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