Thursday, July 1, 2010

how to make a special present

It's always difficult to find a good present fo your girlfriend. Jewelry, flowers and sweets are mostly a good idea but sometimes you need a really special present. Today i show you how to make one of those special presents. The idea come around when i was in the supermarket at the sweets section. I saw these "surprise eggs" and i though it would be really cool to get your own present inside. After a bit searching with google i found a short discription how you can do that. Now i'm trying to make good explaination how it works.


urprise eggs: Of course you need those eggs. I suggest you to buy more than one, because they can easily break while you trying to open them. There are also "hello kitty" surprise eggs out there, which you can also use if your girlfriend is a fan of this brand (like in my case). I choose to use the chocolate from the normal surprise eggs (because they tastes better) and the packaging from the hello kitty eggs.

(the eggs)

sugared water: this is important for closing the eggs again. I've used powdered sugar which worked quite well. Don't give to much water to the sugar. The sugared water should be very thick.

(sugared water)

present: Well, there is not much place in such eggs, but jewelry like a ring or a necklace shouldn't be a problem. I decided to give a ring as a present. I also put a small letter with a message in it.

(present with letter)


Now you need skill with a bit luck for preparing this present.

1. Unpack the egg: Be carefull when you unpack the egg. You have to package it again.

2. Open the egg: That's the hard part. Try to open the egg without breaking it. I needed 6 eggs before i had a "good" one. 3. Put your present inside the yellow plastik-case (the hello kitty have different one)

(present inside the yellow plastik-case)

4. Give sugared water on one side of the chocolate-egg. Don't take to much, it should just stick both parts together.

(the chocolate-egg open and closed again)

5. Now you have to package you egg again. I've tried to unpack it very carefully and not too much, so it should be not that difficult to package it again.

(the final present)

That's all. Now have fun to make a present. ;)

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