Monday, July 18, 2011


How to share files (pdf, doc, txt, anything) on

Well, there is no way, since you can only upload pictures (on picassa). Recently i've looked for a easy way to share files, in particular i wanted to upload a script on my blog. Since it's only possible to upload pictures on i searched for some webspace. The problem is, i don't wanted to create another account on any webhoster just for a few scripts. The scripts are really small and i would be already happy with 50MB.

Luckily i found something and it's from google too. The solution is google sites! After creating a new "site" i'm able to upload content up to 100MB and the max files size can be 20MB. That's perfect for me! I think i never exceed those 100MB and even if i would, i can create new sites.

After all, the solution is a bit stupid. It would be really kind of google if they would provide some webspace for

Anyway - it works and now i'm able to share my scripts.

How to create a new site: Link
Storage features for a free site: Link
How to upload content on google site: Link


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