Thursday, August 4, 2011

alix update

As i already mentioned in a earlier post, i'm having a alix device. It's a really cool device and i'm using it as my firewall and time-server, means it runs iptables and ntpd (there is also darkstat on it). The gentoo which is on it is a standard minimal installation, but with an hardened profile and hardened kernel. The firewall init-script is my own creation.

Since this device is pretty slow and i also trying to keep the disk I/O low (the system is on a CF), i update it really rarely. Besides that, it has no vga output and i never could minicom (for the serial I/O) to work, i never know what's going on at the boot up and i can only hope everything works and sshd gets up :)

Well, recently i made an update and it was an huge update. New gcc-compiler, new kernel and baselayout-2/openrc. I was really suprised that everything worked out flawless. I even have the feeling that my system boots up much faster with the new kernel and openrc. Really cool. Right after the update i took the CF and made a backup with dd.

For those who still use such an alix device, i've uploaded the kernel config, so you can use it with your device..
Download: gentoo-2.6.38-r6.config

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  1. I have a alix too, and wrote about the serial console setup here:
    Grub needs some configuration to switch the output to the serial port: