Wednesday, February 19, 2014

turn off monitor when locking the screen

Recently i was looking for a convince way to lock and turn off my screens. The reason behind was that sometimes i only want to listen to music while doing something else which doesn't involve the PC. Usually i could wait for the screen to turn off by itself which happens usually after around 10 minutes. However, since i don't even use an screensaver i just wanted it to immediately turned off.
Now i found a nice way todo that...

I've created a new shortcut with following command:
 xset dpms force off; qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /ScreenSaver Lock  

Bound to META+L it does exactly what it should do: It turns off the screen and locks it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

simplescreenrecorder - awesome sreen capturing software

Some time ago i was looking for a good screen capturing software for linux. The only one which i was aware of was recordmydesktop and ffmpeg. However, since my experiences with those were rather bad i was looking for something else. Luckily i found simplescreenrecorder [1].

Simplescreenrecorder, or shortly SSR, is a quite powerful screen recorder. Especially the possibility capturing games via it's glinject library is, i think, something unique. Even capturing 32bit games on a 64bit system is possible since you can build the glinject libary for 32bit too. On the official homepage there is a good howto capture steam games. [2]

For those who want to test ssr, there is also a good overlay from Anders Larsson which provides a ebuild for simplesreenrecorder. [3]

Issues - not really ;)
Unfortunately i also came across two limitations which however isn't ssr's fault but are simply sane restrictions - not everyone has a triple monitor setup. Fortunately the author was really helpful with my "issues" and helped me to get around those restrictions.

Issue 1 - triple monitor:
My first issue [4] was that i couldn't capture all screens on my triple monitor setup. The reason was because i was hitting the size limit of shared memory segments, as set by:
Simple increasing the size via:
 echo 67108864 | sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax  
fixed this issue for me. However, MaartenBaert (the author of ssr) said i could hit other limitations as well so this might not work everywhere.

Issue 2 - high resolution (2560x1600):
My second issue [5] was rather a silly one. I simply couldn't capture any game with glinject, which just printed following error:
 [SSR-GLInject] GLFrameGrabber for [0x13cde30-0x180000f-0x180000f] frame is too large to capture!  
Fortunately i only had to increase the "Maximum image sice (megapixels):" to 4 (default was 2).

Thx again to MaartenBaert for explaining the issue to me!

I also created 3 videos, showing the possibilities of ssr. Even though the quality of the videos are quite bad, it shows three games on my triple-monitor setup. You can find those videos on youtube:

Anomaly warzone earth:
Defcon: (i don't know why but on youtube the video had a wrong resolution for me - had to download it to get the correct one)