Sunday, March 26, 2017

news on my qemu-kvm init script for gentoo

It's been a while since i mentioned my kvm init script in any of my blog post. However, it's still alive and i added a lot of new features over the time. Anyone who is still interested can download it's source on github [1] - it's been there for quite some time.

So what changed since last time i wrote about it? Well, lets see:

  • virgl support (alias -gl)
  • 9p support
  • sdl output support
  • parallel spice and vnc support (enabling spice and vnc in parallel)
  • vnc with password support
  • multiple network cards with support for different bridge devices
  • usb redirect support
  • reset virtual machines (via /etc/init.d/kvm.VM reset)
  • reboot via qemu guest agent (via /etc/init.d/kvm.VM reboot)
The init script in action

Besides that, almost everything in the configuration file changed in order to support all the new features and make it more readable. Another plus it that the init script now should be posix compliant. Furthermore i tried to keep it's dependencies low. Apart from sys-apps/coreutils everything you should need is:

  • app-emulation/qemu[pyhton]
  • net-analyzer/netcat6
  • sys-apps/iproute2
  • sys-process/lsof

I'm working with this script on a daily base and i think it's already very convenient. I also think it still has room for improvements and i'm going to continue adding features as i need them. However, please let me know if you're missing some features. I would like to know what else i could implement.


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