Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux is a source based meta distribution, who's biggest features are use-flags, highly configurable and optimized for many different systems. Check it out at

Gentoo - The beginning:

I'm a gentoo user since early 2007. I didn't have much experience with linux except some basic knowledge from SuSe. When i decided to switch to Linux i wanted to try out different distro's, but since gentoo had the smallest iso it was the first which i could test.
After a successful install on a test-system i was so happy with my working Gentoo system that i decided to stay with it. Later i've tried out other distros on virtual machines, but never regret to choose gentoo. Key features, like use flags, are something which i don't wanna miss anymore.

Gentoo - Now:

I've learned alot since i'm on Linux and i even achieved to easily pass the LPIC-1 exam. I also have basic knowledge in bash scripting and python programming. Since gentoo's documentation is one of the best on the internet i also could set up many services like mail-server, proxy, http, firewall and others. I'm also highly interested in virtualization via xen and qemu-kvm for which i even wrote my own start/stop script.
Security topics are another key interest. Tools like dm-crypt + luks are very neat tools and it's always interesting to read about the mathematical functions behind it. On the desktop i'm a kde user since the beginning, even though i've tried out gnome and others. Recently i've also played around with awesome which is also a very impressive wm.

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